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Thank you for your interest in joining the Westside community. Westside Christian is a vibrant, 有远见的教育机构对待九年级到十二年级的学生有尊严, respect and collegiality. We hold a high bar for our students because, to us, they are more than just teenagers, they are young adults capable of amazing things. As a uniquely Christian school, 我们雇用的候选人是耶稣基督成熟的追随者,并且愿意向年轻人表达他们的信仰.

Current Openings

Position Opening:
Westside Christian High School (located in Tigard, OR) is seeking a permanent, 2024/2025学年全职学术助理校长. 

Purpose for the Position:  提供并负责教师的教学领导,以及全校相关和一致的学术政策的战略发展.  

Essential Responsibilities:

Faculty Support

  • 领导学院实施学术政策.
  • Plan and facilitate professional development, including in-service.
  • Mentoring new teachers including onboarding, support with lesson planning, classroom teaching strategies, assessment, etc.
  • Formal and Informal Evaluations.
  • Substitute teacher coordinator.

Academic Support

  • Curriculum planning and development across the school.
  • Oversee textbook selection and budget.
  • Oversee the Accreditation process.
  • Oversee English Department approved literature list

Student Support Services

  • 作为家长关于课堂教学和学生表现问题的主要联系人.
  • Work with the School Counselor(s) on academic hardship issues.
  • Oversee coordinator of student learning and accommodations.
  • Chair the academic hardship committee.
  • Oversee the international student program

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

  • 至少从认可的学院或大学获得硕士学位.
  • 有高中教育工作经验和教育机构行政工作经验. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of educational principles, curriculum development, instructional strategies, assessment practices and student support services.
  • 福音派基督徒的承诺和生活方式与学校的使命一致, including a signed agreement with WCHS Statement of Faith.

This is a full-time position

Westside Christian High School (located in Tigard, OR) is seeking a permanent, full-time Director of IT & AV for the 2024/2025 school year. 

Purpose for the Position: 管理及维修资讯科技基础设施. To provide technical support to staff and students. 为教室和礼堂系统提供视听系统支持. 创建和实施教育技术倡议,以推进西城的使命,并推进技术在课堂上的使用.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Manage and maintain information technology infrastructure.
    • Maintain​ staff Mac & PC devices, student issued Chromebooks, network infrastructure equipment, telecommunications systems, and applications in good working order.
    • 维护对所有技术资产(硬件,软件,订阅)的库存控制.
    • Specify, recommend, 在预算限制的情况下,与行政部门协调,提供新的和替代的技术. 
  • Provide technical support for staff and students.
    • 对支持技术和应用的员工和学生的服务台支持票做出响应.
    • 与为该职位提供技术支持的教员职位进行协调.
    • 吸收信息,成为辅助人员的主题专家, faculty and students in the use of Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft M365, Adobe Creative Cloud Administration, Clever rostering and IDM, FACTS RenWeb SIS, and other EdTech applications.
  • 为教室和礼堂系统提供视听系统支持.
    • Maintain, troubleshoot, and manage classroom AV systems.
    • 培训教职员工使用和实施教室视听系统.
    • Maintain, troubleshoot, and manage auditorium sound, video, 并为教堂和其他使用这些系统的用户提供技术支持.
  • 创建和实施教育技术倡议,以推进西城的使命,并推进技术在课堂上的使用.
    • 在课堂上研究和掌握教育技术.
    • Work with Administration to identify initiatives, new technologies, 和新的应用程序,以加强更好的教育和更高的效率.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

  • 必须有符合学校使命的福音派基督徒的承诺和生活方式, including a signed WCHS Statement of Faith agreement.
  • 本科以上学历和/或相关核心责任领域的同等经验.
  • A team-oriented approach.
  • Strong computer knowledge of hardware, software, 以及Mac和PC平台的网络系统,并具有技术管理能力.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • 福音派基督徒的承诺和生活方式与学校的使命是一致的, including a signed WCHS Statement of Faith agreement.

This is a full-time position

Westside Christian High School (located in Tigard, OR) is seeking a permanent, 2024/2025学年兼职或全职法语教师.

Purpose of the Position: 教师主要负责提供一个课堂环境,让学生有机会在学术上体验个人成长, relational, and spiritual aspects of their lives. 这个人负责组织和实施一个特定于他或她的课程的教学计划,这将导致学生按照万博客户端官网下载的使命和愿景实现这种增长.

The successful candidate will be able to:

  • 发展和实施教学实践和策略,包括多种评估方法, 支持学生达到严格的学习目标,吸引并鼓励学习者深入理解内容领域.
  • 通过有吸引力的课程和活动,挑战学生思考和表达自己的想法.
  • 规划指导,评估学生在内容理解方面的进展.
  • 根据学校政策更新和维护学生进步和发展的准确和完整的记录.
  • Consults principal, specialist, other teachers in the school, and students in evaluating their own plans, methods, and results.
  • Develop and implement effective classroom management strategies; providing a safe, secure and respectful learning environment; communicating student behavior; expectations positively; conveying reminders, rules and expectations with consistency and equity, 同时认识到个人的独特品质和特点.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

  • 成功的课堂教师表现和/或学生教学经验的专业验证. 
  • 展示与高中生建立积极关系的经验. 
  • 福音派基督徒的承诺和生活方式与学校的使命一致, including signing the WCHS Statement of Faith.


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